Help save family café project

When we found out that our grand mother was going to sell the café that has been in our family since about 1950. The family members that have been running the café since our Grandfather passed away sat down together to figure out a way to keep the café in the family. We started this little syrup business a few years ago and put the syrup in the café on the tables where it has become quite a sensation. People try it on there pancakes French toast and the cornbread at night and fall in love with it, they then buy some to take home. Yellowstone national park attracts people from all over the country so our little syrup company has been slowly growing over the years around the country. So an idea was proposed to let people know that we are trying to purchase the café and by buying some of our syrup online they would be helping us to keep the café in the family. The syrup purchaser would be helping us to buy the café and perhaps discover a syrup they really like, we might generate enough revenue to make an offer on the café and the little syrup company might grow into its own. Win Win Win.

In the coming days we will put pictures and video on this page to give you a little feel of the café, its history and some of the great food we serve there. So if you are ordering flapjack Drizzle for the first time to help us keep the café in the family we thank you.