A full bodied pancake syrup that is indescribable. Flap Jack Drizzle responds different to everyone's unique palate with a flavor explosion

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Oh my gosh! I love this stuff. So good. I especially love it on ice cream and drizzling it on bananas. Yumm! You gotta try it.

Mona Zentz Grasse, FaceBook 5 Stars

To me, this is one of those few, extra-special, must-try products! All of the incredible reviews are no exaggerations. This is a caramely syrup that's heavenly on waffles, pancakes, etc. There is no other product or recipe that compares with this divine drizzle.

Paul Muir, FaceBook 5 Stars

This is seriously the best syrup to put on anything! I don't even like pancakes, but adding this to pancakes makes me love pancakes! Seriously the best stuff ever!

Michelle Sharp, FaceBook 5 Stars