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Oh my gosh! I love this stuff. So good. I especially love it on ice cream and drizzling it on bananas. Yumm! You gotta try it.

Mona Zentz Grasse, FaceBook 5 Stars

To me, this is one of those few, extra-special, must-try products! All of the incredible reviews are no exaggerations. This is a caramely syrup that's heavenly on waffles, pancakes, etc. There is no other product or recipe that compares with this divine drizzle.

Paul Muir, FaceBook 5 Stars

This is seriously the best syrup to put on anything! I don't even like pancakes, but adding this to pancakes makes me love pancakes! Seriously the best stuff ever!

Michelle Sharp, FaceBook 5 Stars

Its the little things in life that add so much to our experience

Be prepaired for a unique flavor explosion on your taste buds

Flap Jack Drizzle is a buttermilk syrup made in small batches in Mountain Green Utah. Made with real butter and Buttermilk, cane sugar, corn syrup, baking soda, real vanilla, guar gum. Flap Jack Drizzle's Creamy and rich full body flavor will take your taste buds on a new adventure on foods you have been eating for years. (Life Hack) it also makes an amazing coffee creamer.